Valiant Cloud is a comprehensive, end-to-end, cloud disaster recovery and business continuity company.

Proactive & Transparent

Our service provides fully managed, monitored hardware and software that is constantly and proactively maintained.

We provide operational expertise in process and documentation to create a bespoke disaster plan for your company.

We believe in transparency, and communication. If an issue arises with your backup, we will tell you before it becomes a problem for your company. We test your backups, reliably and frequently, to make sure that they’ll actually work when you need them most.

In the event of a disaster, one of our engineers will immediately pick up the phone and work your case to conclusion

Always Available

There is no level one support, no escalation.

If your environment is struggling to replicate, an engineer will be onsite within a day to begin a seeding process, personally. We can either fail you back onto your own hardware, or assist with a migration of your assets to another public cloud of your choosing.

We are different. We are Valiant Cloud.

Many other Disaster Resovery as a Service providers focus on numbers of terabytes and servers, without considering applications and people. They provide the software and infrastructure, but leave the bulk of the actual work during a disaster to you.

We won’t do this. We won’t leave you stranded. We go that extra mile to learn about you, to care about you. We are the Valiant Cloud. Ever watchful, ever working, always behind the scenes to ensure that if something does happen we will be there. For you.

Remote Backup
& Monitoring

Critical data and applications are backed up locally to a managed appliance and replicated to Valiant's private, redundant, cloud.

Backups are rapidly restored to your environment, or made remotely accessible to your organization, when you need them.

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Built on top of our Offsite Backup & Monitoring service, our team of specialists create a bespoke disaster recovery & business continuity plan custom tailored to your business' specific needs.

Annual testing and revisions of your custom plan ensure your critical data is accessible when, and after, disaster strikes; minimizing downtime and lost revenue.

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Enable your business in as little as 2 hours after disaster strikes.

Virtual Standby provides a virtualized environment for continued operations, even when your staff has been displaced. Your data lives in 6 places at any given time, ensuring a high level of redundancy for your mission critical data and applications.

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Over one-in-three business outages in the U.S. are caused by natural disasters, including floods. According to NFIP, from 2005-2014, flood insurance claims averaged more than $3.5 billion per year.

According to Labor Department statistics, over 40% of companies that experience a disaster never reopen, and more than 25% that do reopen cease operations within 2 years.

Does your current business continuity plan understand local threats? Do your staff know how to react in the event of a disaster to protect their own safety and the business?

Valiant Cloud's Virtual Standby service keeps your mission-critical applications operational while, and after, disaster strikes. Multiple copies of your data are stored in our secure data center, accessible by a custom-tailored virtual environment, enabling critical business operations to continue and reducing downtime costs.


Gartner estimates that only 35% of small and medium-sized businesses have a disaster recovery plan in place.

When a business suffers from a fire-related disaster, 44% are unable to reopen for business, and 33% cease operations within 3 years.

Is your business protected from fire-related disaster and lost revenue?

Select RecoveryNode devices, incorporating ioSafe's disaster protection design, safeguard your local backups from fire loss up to 1500°F for 1/2 hour and up to 10 feet of water for 72 hours.

Make Mistakes

As dangerous as natural disaters are, between 60 and 70% of all issues that disrupt business operations are due to internal malfunctions of hardware or software, or human error that has the potential to lead to fraud.

The major disaster most businesses experience is malware-related. In 2008, the United States was the top country for overall malicious activity, making up nearly ¼ of all events.

According to Strategic Research, companies lose an average of $90,000 per hour of downtime.

Each week, 140,000 hard drives fail in the United States.

We’re only human. Valiant Cloud is more. Click here to learn more about our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions.

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What is your cost of downtime?

Does your current business continuity plan meet your recovery time goals?

Are factors such as lost revenue, labor costs and expenses related to rebuilding your company included in your existing plan?

Don't have answers to these questions? Use our downtime calculator to figure out your current plan's expectations vs. reality.

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